Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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I don’t know that much about dogs
But they often seem like their owners
Happily living in the boxes they’re given
Food, exercise and freedom all prescribed
By others – masters or handlers who read
Details from paperwork in front of them
Reading is not for dogs
Dog's find joy rutting deeply into ritual
The sameness that soothes their minds
A dog's love, is full with no conditions
While our loneliness seldom softens
Dog's love is full with easy forgiveness
A gift we hope to learn from them
So alive in all the dogs that see us
And invite us into their lives
In exchange for gentle touching
In places far from fear and stress

Sometimes dogs wag masters
Making them precious children
Soft words and pats on heads
Prizes we never understand
Are cherished forever by pets
Even if we are dispassionate
Dogs always stand our friend
Unlike some others we know