Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moon behind Cloud

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If I were a tree, birds would visit my branches

Walking through sunlight streamers today with my dog nearby
I looked up at the sky and sat down on a bench beside the big river
An unaimed gaze owned time and penetrated the air with ease above the trees
My eyes took me as far as they could go - far beyond the summer song of hidden birds
Nothing flew way up high across the sky to steal the freedom of my eye
My gaze wandered until it was swallowed by the infinite miracle of blue sky
It was a blue beyond blue that balloon wrapped the summer's daytime world
In front of that blue - not obscuring the view was a faint-frayed-pulled-apart cloud
Its ancient fabric of moisture changed like a wrinkled shirt in the sky-blue-breeze
Then I noticed the moon hiding but still clearly in view through a cloud’s moist breath
Shaved thin and white and pale the moon watched silent and unnoticed from its blue pond
I was taken away in that moment as my outward vision somehow gifted an inward knowing
As the sky and the moon and the clouds sang through me to summer birds in trees