Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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Destiny is beautiful and forever
It so often seems to live just beyond
The push of our own retreating horizon
Across the sea of our own blindness
As we hold to our hope like a shining sun
In a daytime sky that is forever bright

When enough days have passed
To know the sun will rise again
And warm an early morning sky
It helps us know the difference
Between Hope of mind and body
And the true Destiny of our soul

We will never reach our destiny
Until we accept that it lives here now
Born out of a past that we walked upon
A past that brought us to where we stand

Destiny is as beautiful as a flower
That awakens from its desert seed
Or the stars that rise from darkness to pulse
Before retreating back to their empty sky
Filled more full than ever before

Our Destiny is Here in this present moment. This precious present moment that we brought ourselves to through all the footsteps of our past. Where we go from here is up to us as we carry our destiny with us – alive and real in every moment. Let my destiny be my song, my painting, my love.