Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Earth

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Is Earth rolling through the sky?
Do distant stars to wishes lie?
Does the sun spin just for fun?
Who will time the human race?

But rain has washed the snow
And left it nowhere else to go
So it chased it down the drain
To feed the rivers and a plain

Now the world just burned again
But the earth still seeks to reign
So change colored by the crow
Flies fast between the trees
Through shadows that we breathe

This world was never perfect
Just good natured and alive
It welcomed life as it arrived
As it struggled to survive

Now we shoulder for our space
As Mother Earth sets the pace
Gentle love with awesome grace
She is authentic and forgives
While she is teaching us to live

The earth we all live on is alive itself as it can signal to those who listen with care and works continually, without seeming to tire, to sustain itself. We do, for the most part, live within the sealed envelope of our atmosphere and share the air and the food and the water that exchanges between all organisms and the planet itself. Just as light travels in all directions to reach us through space our awareness and imagination travels outward at a speed faster than light. This is only one of the many ways in which the whole universe is tied together. Beyond giving thanks for the air and the water and the food that sustains our visit here we need to somehow give thanks and acknowledge life itself that can sculpt an ever-changing presence and awareness with ease.