Monday, February 4, 2013

snow geese arrive

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I left late for work today
It was nearly seven AM
The sky beginning to light
Carried great calls of geese
High in the sky, approaching
I waited for them, watching
Until their great wave arrived
Thousands of snow geese
Flying and calling in a jagged line
Geometric lace stretched
Right and tight across the sky
From one side to the other
The line of captured calls
With out any stragglers
Passed me by high and quickly
Flying fast and straight
Walkers hid under leafy trees
In case they were bombed from above
But these were snow geese - not seagulls
When the line of geese had passed
And it was quiet again
The people left their shelters
And scurried toward their day
Another wave of geese announced its coming
Thousands more came
In a diamond studded weave
That passed over me
A speckled weave of sound
Flying north into the river’s marsh
That waited for them
I have never seen so many birds
And all of my life I have waited