Friday, February 15, 2013

Body, Mind and Soul

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Some times we need to hold on
Other times we have to let go
The heart is the one that knows
When to hold and when to release
The mind is missing something
To captain the heart and hand

Our still mind is often silent
When our life flows at full bore
Feelings tingle through our body
When our smile finds a generous soul
Mind thinks ~ that seems like love
Feelings know ~ this feels like love

The mind and the body
Must have a lot of courage
Because they both let go
They are the ones that die
After our marriage to life
The mind and the soul
May come to know each other
Before they separate forever

Souls and Minds are so different
Together, they can make music
Or art or poetry or love
Apart, they can become
Ragged enemies to each other
Bound together for a lifetime

Heal your body’s pain
Admire your kind mind
Feed your soul love and wisdom
And fly with your body and mind
Where your soul wants to go
Until death pulls them apart