Tuesday, July 16, 2013


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I wonder what you called me
When you saw me watching you
There, where you were wading
Hunting for the fish that swam
  Unsuspecting the grip of your bill

But I watch a heron every day
Fishing on the river by my work
Every day it wades to catch fish
But only when tides are just right
So the water is shallow and fish linger
That heron knows I am there
But it hardly matters by now
He is the only predator around
I am just a bystander, watching
As that heron hunts for its fish

But here in the wilderness I hide
As you fumble half-minded in your task
Surviving on the fish you catch
While you avoid entangling my shadow
As it brings a certain threat to you
But I want neither you nor your fish
As you draw down your large wings
And pull two scaly feet from the mud
Up into the blue shadow of your wings
And seek another place to fish