Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Wind

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The wind is always such a big presence
Even though it isn’t always around us
When it is, it easily colors our world
With the broad brush of its personality
Sometimes it is dry, warm and inviting
Proving playful through its leafy rustle
As it turns the underside of each leaf up
On a cottonwood tree at the same time
  To change each living tree's summer dress
From a bluish-green to a yellowish-white
Threatening rain but promising mischief
When the same wind visits here in winter
It howls hollow through cottonwood trees
Bare branches brown and brittle over-head
Those winter winds often chase snow or rain
Through a dark and leafless winter landscape
Wind can tear off tarnished autumn leaves
Or rapidly chatter spring’s new leafy growth
And a busy wind can always find its place
Inside every season’s melody as it plays